Materials of this project

Legal research on fraud in payment methods

In this publication the passed regulations (criminal and civil) from European institutions and different member countries participating in the Project are analyzed. Besides, legal problems raised by consumers are analyzed regarding the fraudulent use of payment methods as well as the consequences derived from them (contract control, abusive clauses in contracts, fixation of responsibilities and prevention). A study of these characteristics could not be complete satisfactorily without a series of concrete improvement proposals in such publication, whose inclusion in the regulation and intervention of public and private entities would, no doubt , contribute to the serious situation of imbalance suffered by users concerning fraud.



Practical bloc for fraud prevention in payment methods

It is a publication to inform and prevent consumers from the risk they run when using payment methods . In 57 full colour files with content divided into advise sections concerning good use of payment methods, types of fraud, how to act after having been a victim of fraud ,steps to complain, vocabulary and clarification of doubts, references and useful addresses, there is detailed information so that any payment method user has a clear idea about what to do in a fraudulent situation and how to use and know t his payment methods better, of not worrying about becoming a fraud victim.

To see examples: Ficha1, Ficha2, Ficha3

International Seminar Minutes - Barcelona

This material gathers opinions, comments and conclusions from the different agents involved in the payment methods sector, who participated in the International Seminar “The payment methods users and e-fr@ude” celebrated in Barcelona, 11th-12th May. Representatives from State security bodies, specialists in fraud jurisprudence, consumption technicians, representatives from bank entities as well as other agents discussed and drew interesting conclusions to combat fraud in payment methods. Download here

National Seminar Minutes

Both ADICAE and the rest of partner Associations in the Project organized a Seminar Cycle about fraud in payment methods. This material gathers comments and conclusions drawn from the different personalities in each of the European countries attending the seminars with the aim to reach as many users of payment methods in Europe as possible. Download here

Fraud Simulator (Game CD)

With the edition of this fraud Simulator, ADICAE introduces real situations to players where as users of payment methods they are bound to face (withdrawing cash from a cash point, paying by card in shops, carrying out electronic banking operations on the internet, etc). This practical and fun way tries to inform those using this simulator about the risk they run when using payment methods different from paying in cash and to teach precaution methods to take into account to avoid becoming a fraud victim. Download the game - On-line game


The “Oca” game (Snakes and Ladders) on fraud in payment methods

By using the traditional board game “Oca” (Snakes and Ladders), the squares that penalize the player are used to introduce different types of fraud or squares that benefit (such as the goose or the dice) to introduce mottos, advice. The way to play as well as the explanation of why some squares benefit and others penalize the player are properly explained on the back of the board. Download here
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