Seminar “Fraud in electronic payment methods in Spain and Europe”

ADICAE wanted to take advantage of the celebration of its 2nd congress to offer its members and technicians the seminar “Fraud in payment methods. The great challenge for European consumers”, a consequence of the international project headed by ADICAE together with more than ten European Consumers Associations and supported by the Ministry of Justice of the European Commission.

The act was chaired by Mr. Manuel Pardos, the President of ADICAE and had the presence of numerous experts in this issue such as representatives of the Brigade of Technological Investigation of Law Enforcement Body, Communication Technologies Institute (INTECO) and Mobipay, a technology company specializing in the management of mobile payment, among others.

Numerous and interesting issues were dealt with during the event by those attending the act such as ADICAE members and technicians and agents from the Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMICS) all around Spain.

Among other aspects, security in new payment methods in the last past years was discussed, questioning if they really safeguarded the consumer´s rights, the cost of investment of financial entities in order to guarantee this security. Another question discussed was that the on-line market would not have a massive development unless there was a valid technological system with maximum guarantees for payment methods. Although, technologically speaking, the so-called “zero risk” does not exist, it is necessary for the legal regulation to establish an appropriate framework which can counterbalance the lack of technical support and build the consumer´s trust. Up to the present moment, the regulation concerning card fraud is one of the most common complaints made by consumers as there is no strict regulation but just simplistic European recommendations that entities execute as they please.


The session was developed with the attendance of representatives from the Law Enforcement Body, INTECO (Communication Technologies Institute) and MobiPay (company specializing in mobile payment supplies), among others.


  A large number of people attended the act such as the Association members and technicians and OMIC Representatives.

Those attending the event were very interested in the papers presented and formulated different questions related to the issue.



Different and interesting questions were discussed such as the user´s responsibility concerning fraud in payment methods and how consumers can protect themselves from this type of crime.

The speakers took good note of the queries posed by the members and answered the main questions coming from such an interesting debate.   Mr.Javier Berciano Alonso, Representative of the Communication Technologies Institute (INTECO).

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This project has been subsidized by the European Commission

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