Attend the different Seminars on fraud in payment methods, they may be very useful

ADICAE has organized two national seminars with the purpose to transfer the dimension of fraud to consumers concerning payment methods and its current legislation, the different types of fraud and the way users should act when facing them.

In the next few weeks, ADICAE is organizing an international seminar where consumers and their protection will be dealt with.

National Seminar “Fraud in Payment Methods: The great challenge for European consumers”.

12 th january 2009 MADRID. Adicae wanted to take advantage of the celebration of its 2nd Congress to offer this seminar. The act was chaired by Mr. Manuel Pardos, the President of ADICAE and had the presence of numerous experts in this issue such as representatives of the Brigade of Technological Investigation of the Law Enforcement Body, the Communication Technologies Institute (INTECO) and Mobipay, a technology company specializing in the management of mobile payment, among others. Read more

National Seminar “Consumers facing fraud in payment methods”.

Palacio Municipal de Congresos (Municipal Palace of Congresses), Madrid, from 2nd -4th April.Bolsalia 2009. A large number of people attended this seminar, which was of great interest. Two acts were held: the conference "Security for payment card users: solutions and challenges concerning fraud" and the discussion table "Internet and new technologies; Are consumers safe?” . Read more

International Seminar “The user of payment methods facing e-fr@ud. Practical responses for consumers in times of crisis.”.

Barcelona, 11th -12th May, NH Rallye Hotel, This seminar tried to show the current situation lacking protection for European consumers who are exposed to different types of fraud as well as to create constructive debate with conclusions about this situation and viable solutions, when facing criminals, which can stimulate cooperation among all agents and actors in the world of payment methods. Read more


Seminars organized by the different partner countries in the project

Czech Republic National Seminar, (SCS)

Prague 27th November 2008. This seminar gathered representatives from the Police, from different Ministries, from the bank sector, agents from business organizations, representatives from consumption institutions, unions as well as representatives from Universities who discussed the fraud situation concerning payment methods in the Czech Republic, and interesting conclusions as well as dialogue proposals were drawn.


Lithuania National Seminar, (LNCF)

Vilnius 16th December 2008. In this seminar, representatives from the Administration, the Police, different academicians and jurists discussed, in a round table, the current magnitude and characteristics of fraud in Lithuania; also the “Research on fraud concerning payment methods in Lithuania” was introduced.


Bulgaria National Seminar, (BNAP)

Sophia 28th January 2009. This seminar gathered different personalities from Ministries, Police and different experts on protection against fraud; also the “Research on fraud concerning payment methods in Bulgaria” was introduced.


Italy National Seminar, (ADICONSUM)

Rome 30th January 2009. This seminar dealt with fraud from three different perspectives: the approach from institutions and State forces and the view that the industry, private entities and academicians have. Different experts arduously discussed the magnitude of fraud in Italy and how to combat it.


Italy National Seminar, (MDC)

Rome 13th February 2009. This seminar dealt with the fraud issue in Italy focusing on on-line financial fraud and electronic payment. Apart from establishing long debates about this topic, the “Research on the fraud situation in payment methods in Italy” was also introduced”.


Romania National Seminar, (ANPCPPSR)

Bucharest 23rd March 2009. This seminar gathered representatives from the Romanian police, business technicians for fraud protection, different representatives from European consumers´ associations as well as other personalities in order to deal with the magnitude of fraud in payment methods in Romania and to propose dialogue options and solutions to the problem.


Slovak Republic National Seminar, (ZSS)

Bratislava 7th April 2009. This seminar tried to reflect the magnitude of fraud in Romania from the approach of consumers´ associations, the industry sector, private entities as well as security forces. The topic was extensively discussed and new doors were opened for debate and negotiations.

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